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Drag Images To Gmail And Send As Inline Attachments!

Useful Gmail trick for Firefox and Google Chrome users: now you can easily insert images to Gmail and send them as inline attachments!

If you drag and drop the images files onto the green stripe with description that reads “Drag files here to add them as attachments”, then the images files are send as standard email attachments.

If you, however, drag and drop the pictures files onto the email editor box, the images are then inserted as inline attachments – this is the easiest way to send images as inline attachments without using the Inserting images feature offered by Gmail Labs.
The advantage of sending images as inline attachments is to improve reading pleasure as the recipients can view them at one glance. It is way easier to write a short description next to the inline image too.

In Windows Vista / Windows 7, one can capture screenshot with the bundled Snipping Tools and use its paste function to insert the said image to Outlook 2007 as inline attachments. However, Microsoft Outlook does NOT automatically treat drag-and-drop image files as inline attachments (as what Gmail does)!

As of today, only Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers support this Gmail most-wanted trick :-( Having said that, those who are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Opera, etc, have to enable the “Inserting images” in Gmail Labs.

NOTE: You can also drag and drop non-images files to Gmail but they must be dropped onto the green stripe, then only Gmail endeavours upload the said files as standard email attachments.

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  1. Walker 04-06-10@02:55

    Though Firefox supports drag-and-drop files as standard attachments, it can NOT treat image files as inline attachments if you drag and drop them onto the email editor (same as Outlook 2007)

    So, only Google Chrome supports that two features :-(

  2. Chris 25-03-11@07:17

    That’s not entirely true. You CAN insert images onto Outlook but you have to use Safari.

    Sadly, no one else offers this and I use Outlook at work every day, all day and I’m always forwarding images from our website on to clients but I can only do so from Safari… Just drag and drop.

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