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How To Fix DB2 Buffer Pool Size Problem?

After add a new bufferpool or increase the size of an existing bufferpool, you cannot start and connect to the database.

So, how to alter, change, resize, or drop the said bufferpool if you cannot connect to or activate the database (e.g. db2 connect to dbname)?

Possible fix: Configure the performance variable DB2_OVERRIDE_BPF with a smaller number of pages, so that DB2 changes ALL existing bufferpools to a smaller size defined by DB2_OVERRIDE_BPF, at database activation, roll forward recovery, or crash recovery stage.
The changes of DB2 performance variable will not effective until you restart the database manager by running db2stop and then db2start.

To override ALL user-defined bufferpools to 20MB (5000 4KB pages):
db2set DB2_OVERRIDE_BPF=5000

To change the size of bufferpool ID 1 to 6000 4KB pages (useful if you certain that particular bufferpool causes “db2 connect” failure):
db2set DB2_OVERRIDE_BPF=1,6000

Now, try to activate and connect to the database – if successful, then proceed to correct the bufferpools size issue whichever necessary.

After correction done, remember to disable or unset the environment variable DB2_OVERRIDE_BPF:

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