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How To Write Multi-line Facebook Status Update?

Ever want to break or write a long Facebook status update message in multiple lines and wonder how to press the ENTER key for line break or newline character?

It’s fairly easy, if you know how to press ENTER key in Microsoft Excel for writing multiple lines of text in single cell.
To write multi-line text in a cell of Microsoft Excel, you cannot simply press ENTER key. Instead, press SHIFT + ENTER key together.

The trick to write a multiple lines Facebook Status Update in Wall apps.

So, the same trick applied here:

To write multiple lines Facebook status update in the Wall apps at one go, just press SHIFT+ENTER key to get a line break / newline character.

With this little trick, you can break a long status update message into multiple lines. For those who like to write poem in Facebook Wall, now you can do so using the SHIFT+ENTER key :-) Enjoy!

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