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Attractive Features Of Symbian^3

Serious mobile apps developers should have noticed everything about Symbian^3 and end users (like you and me) might already know (and looking forward) the first Nokia smartphone running on Symbian^3.

Symbian^3 specs sheet (with reference to its official wiki and close-up):

1) Full HDMI support allows one to output movie playback or game from mobile phone to HD TV at high-definition mode up to 1080p display resolution.

2) Supports single-tap as well as multi-touch for fascinating touchscreen gestures such as pinch-to-zoom function of an image viewer.

3) Support more than one personalized home screen (a close analogy will be multiple desktops seen in a graphical Linux console powered by GNOME).

4) New graphic architecture harness powerful graphics hardware acceleration to deliver snappy user interface and advanced layering and effects.

5) One-click connectivity achieved via global settings. A notable example is capability of switching automatically from cellular to Wireless LAN when an open WIFI access point detected.

6) Industry-leading networking architecture ready for 4G networks.

7) More efficient memory management, achieved by using writeable data paging technique, allows more applications to run in parallel for delivering way better multi-tasking experience.

8) Integrated Qt Application Framework – the new primary application framework for mobile apps coded for Symbian platform.

9) Qt Smart Installer automatically fetch and install the correct runtime version required by Qt-based mobile apps.

10) Starts to support symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) or multi-core hardware.

11) Support for hardware acceleration of cryptographic algorithms allows the main processor freed for other tasks when bulk data needs to be encrypted and decrypted in real time.

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