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Nokia N8: Top-end Nokia N-Series Smartphone Of The Year

How attractive the Nokia N8 is? With reference to the published technical specification, Nokia N8 certainly has made several number 1 in Nokia N-Series smartphone family.

Highlights of Nokia N8 technical specs

Nokia N8 technical specs reveals attractive features of this latest N-Series camera smartphone.
  • First Nokia camera phone built with a 12 megapixel image sensor. Of course, it is still using Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon flash. The only downside is no optical zoom except the 2x digital zoom (if there is no mistake in the technical specs published on Nokia.com).
  • First Nokia smartphone running on Symbian ^3
    Symbian ^3 is the first entirely open source release of Symbian mobile phone operating system, introduces several major enhancements such as
    • Support HDMI interface to allow movie playback or playing game on HD TV,
    • Multi-touch and fantastic touchscreen gestures such as “pinch-to-zoom”,
    • Multiple (not one) personalized home screens,
    • New 2D and 3D graphics architecture takes full advantage of the hardware acceleration available to deliver a faster and more responsive user interface,
    • Industry-leading networking architecture ready for 4G networks,
    • More efficient memory management to achieve efficient multi-tasking experience.
  • Capable to capture 16:9 HD video at 720p resolution and max. 25 fps (encode with H.264 codecs) as well as same quality playback on HD TV via HDMI interface.
  • Built-in FM transmitter – so your car radio system can play music broadcast by Nokia N8 at a specific FM frequency.
  • Dedicated graphics processor with OpenGL 2.0 enables 3D graphics.
  • Unplug charger reminder – save you from setting alarm clock manually if you care about energy saving (for sake’s of global warming).
  • USB OTG – Wow! Am not sure it can support USB keyboard (as Nokia N810 Internet Tablet) but for sure it can be a USB host as what a computer USB port does (probably at least can copy files to and fro USB drive).
  • Nokia 5800, the first Nokia touchscreen smartphone, is using resistive touchscreen technology. Nokia N8 is using expensive capacitive touchscreen type (same touchscreen technology used by Apple iPhone) and thus supports multi-touch.
    The advantages of capacitive touchscreen is faster and more responsive. Disadvantage is you CANNOT use standard stylus as the capacitive touchscreen only respond to conductive materials (e.g. your middle finger).
  • Built-in accelerometer sensor (to support display orientation), magnetometer sensor (to function as digital compass), proximity sensor (to deactivates the display and touchscreen when it is brought near the face), ambient light sensor (to adjusts the display brightness according to lighting condition).
  • 16GB internal memory (I probably won’t need memory card unless it is a FOC item bundled with the package).
  • Handwriting recognition for Chinese characters (probably won’t be available unless you’ve a capacitive stylus).
  • Battery charging using Micro USB connector (good to have this feature since most smartphone users using computer on daily basis).
  • Office document editors (I hope it means to editor Microsoft Office documents or at least OpenOffice documents).
  • Attractive imaging features: face recognition, Geotagging, pinch zoom

Now, I am hesitate whether to end my like on Nokia phone and swing to HTC Desire (powered by Google Android mobile OS) or to keep going with the latest Symbian ^3 on Nokia N8 and then later Symbian ^4 (on what).

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