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How To Create Animated GIF From Images Using Photoshop?

If you can’t follow my earlier post about how to use Photoshop to create animated GIF from images, then maybe this video guide could help you understand better.

Points to note:

1) There is no narration except background music added by YouTube AudioSwap. Enjoy the music (instead of my voice) and the visual guide.

2) Adobe Photoshop CS3 is used for demonstration, but the concept should be applicable in the latest Photoshop CS5.

3) It is not about how to draw a series of static images and convert them to animated GIF (I am not good in drawing). It is meant for those (maybe you) who want to convert a series of static images to an animated GIF picture using Adobe Photoshop.

4) For sake of clarity, set the playback resolution from 360p to 720p HD and watch it in full screen mode.

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