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How To Find All Recent Activity Entries In Facebook Wall?

I am not sure there is a dedicated hyperlink or URL of Recent Activity in Facebook. But I think it should have a dedicated page or section rather than showing the entries here and there in the Wall.

Being able to read Recent Activity items at one glance allows friends to easily tell what you’re doing (in Facebook).

Simple trick to find all recent activity items in Facebook Wall.

It is also darn convenient for the account owner to locate and remove all or selected Recent Activity entries, should there is a need to do so (e.g. attempt to “hide” your new friends added, comments on status of ex, etc).

Though I can’t find that dedicated link / page of Recent Activity (please share with me if you know), I can still locate them EASILY:

1) Click the Profile link (at top-right corner) or your profile picture (at top-left pane)

2) Now you should be looking at your own Wall. If this is not your case, click the Wall tab.

3) Press CTRL+F hotkey, type recent or recent activity and press ENTER key. There you can easily find and deal with them at wish.

This Find function hotkey is available on Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer (which I have tested on Windows 7). If it is not in your case, you should find out how to use that web browser Find function :-) Good luck.

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