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How To Check Your Internet IP Or WAN IP Assigned By ISP?

What is my WAN IP or Internet IP? What is the difference between WAN/Internet IP with the IP address reported by ipconfig in Windows or ifconfig in Linux?

In brief, let’s suppose there are no firewall rules blocking ICMP response:

If you’re connecting to Internet via proxy server or router modem, the IP address shown in ifconfig / ipconfig is a private IP address that can only be “ping” by computers of the same internal network.

WAN/Internet IP, on the other hand, is assigned by your broadband Internet service provider and can be “ping” by people around the world.
Knowing your real Internet IP is important for some cases, e.g. asking for troubleshooting from friends at far via Remote Assistance / Remote Desktop, VNC, SSH, etc.

Back to the topic,how to check my WAN/Internet IP address, whether on Windows, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Symbian, Android, iPhone/Mac OS, etc?

Answer: Open web browser and go to who.is, there you will see a simple and neat home page, with a line telling “Your IP is”.

The trick to check your real Internet IP or WAN IP address.

Besides who.is, there are number of other sites providing similar service, e.g. SpeedTest.net which does pretty good job by including the ISP information.

Uses speedtest.net to check the name of Internet service provider you are using at public area.

Of course, there are plenty of websites offering similar service – just Google for “check WAN IP”.

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