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How To Download Real Player SP Full Standalone Offline Installer?

Where can you download the latest official Real Player SP standalone offline installer so that you don’t have to download the full setup files over and over for installing more than one computer / laptop?

Face it, there are many home users who are living painfully with monthly bandwidth quota imposed by broadband Internet service provider. So, it is crucial for them to be able download standalone setup file for offline installation.

Trick to download the latest RealPlayer SP standalone offline installer

Direct download the latest official Real Player SP full setup installer.

This is not a hidden, hard-to-find trick but I bet there are people overlook the feature. Let’s see how these steps could help you to download the latest RealPlayer SP full setup file (about 20MB):

1) Go to Real.com and proceed to download that “tiny” RealPlayerSPGold.exe (about 800KB; seems to be a customized download manager).

2) Double click that tiny installer and follow its instructions to proceed as usual.

3) When that tiny setup file starts to download latest installation files, click Cancel button to trigger alternative download option:

The official alternate download of the latest RealPlayer SP 12 standalone offline installer.

After click the “Alternate Installer” button, a dialog box (as shown in the first screenshot) appears to allow user download the 20MB standalone setup file that is good for offline installation.

P/S: You may also interested on how / where to download Windows Live Messenger full standalone offline installer (from the official Live.com website).

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  1. Metin 27-08-10@15:57

    Thank you very much for your tip.


  2. morganth 12-09-10@07:32

    Thank you so much for this. I’ve been trying to install Realplayer for ages but for some reason the traditional installer failed every time!

  3. Girish 19-09-10@21:43

    Thanks so much, i was badly looking for offline installer.

  4. mohd. suhel 23-09-10@18:45
  5. PTG 27-09-10@03:20

    That link works a treat!

  6. Garrett W. 30-09-10@05:02

    Thanks for those instructions — works great!

    Here’s the URL that I got:


  7. Jarikre E. 30-09-10@16:59

    Thanks a bunch. It works

  8. Jess 11-10-10@01:39

    Thank u so much ive been looking for this for days.

  9. courtney 14-11-10@01:36

    i love real player to my heart.

  10. NAVED swati 02-12-10@20:09

    Thanks for the link – Prou&pure Pakistani

  11. bachir 19-12-10@02:55

    thanks about the trick for the realplayer.

  12. chase 27-02-11@02:26

    Thanx a bunch for the tip on the Real Player offline installer, I would have never known had i not run into this posting.

  13. tat 20-03-11@07:31

    thanks to you and to all who post this kind of self-help.

  14. Abz 30-06-11@22:17

    Thank you so much for posting this. Real life saver..!!

  15. Geek 08-08-11@18:46
  16. TarekJ 03-10-11@17:57

    Thanks man

  17. rahul 15-01-12@13:35

    wow dats great…thnks a lot

  18. Ramy Radwan 25-01-12@06:35

    really very nice trick man thnx for the help ;D

  19. tzin 10-02-12@11:00

    wow !!! that’s great, works well

  20. Roopesh S 16-03-12@19:28

    Thank You very much for real player downloading trick.It solved my long time real player downloading problem…..Thanks.

  21. System 20-03-12@23:25

    Link for the latest RealPlayer

  22. SP 19-04-12@12:43

    Great Tip Man!

  23. diego 08-05-12@03:02

    Thank you so much I wanted I have done everything, even downloaded the 11 gold but it was rubbish but you like a light in the darkness helped me ( great idea ) thanks

  24. Fla 09-08-12@03:07


  25. Tuns 25-10-12@07:16

    Thanks greatly for the tip!It works.

  26. coolirc 02-11-12@01:44

    updated link of 1st november 2012


  27. kanf 09-07-13@16:40

    You the best!!!

  28. Elric 19-10-17@04:07

    Still works. Thanks.

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