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How To Use IM behind Firewall Or Proxy Server?

While travelling on business trip, you rely on email and instant messaging (IM) to work closely with peers at HQ. However, Windows Live Messenger is not able to online when connecting to Internet via proxy server :-(

As instant messaging or online chatting is more efficient and cheaper than email for real-time communication, you desperately want to get it fixed.

Possible ways to chat online behind a firewall or proxy server

1) Verify the proxy server settings of IM client and/or operating system are correct. The Windows Live Messenger error code 80048820, for example, is likely caused by WinHTTP proxy server configuration.

2) If IM software is not working, then try with web-based instant messaging services:
  • Microsoft official Web Messenger with similar user interface of Windows Live Messenger.
  • Access another Microsoft official web messenger service from within Windows Live Contacts.
  • The official Yahoo web messenger.
  • Meebo, a third-party all-in-one web messenger; actively operate since year 2005.
  • eBuddy – yet another third-party all-in-one type of web messenger service; established since year 2003.
  • Access to Google Talk (GTalk) from Gmail.

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