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Uses Meebo Room As Alternative Forum For Blog

Meebo users should know what Meebo Room is about. If you’re thinking of setup a forum for your blog or website, maybe Meebo Room is a good try.

Seriously speaking, Meebo Room doesn’t function as a conventional web forum exactly. Indeed it is personal chat room that can be accessed by anyone (public type) or selected guests (private type).

Meebo Rooms can be a cheap and easy-to-install forum for personal blog or website.

I am thinking of using Meebo Room as an alternative forum for WalkerNews.net for two reasons:

1) It is a free web application with configurable widget for user to easily embed to website or blog.

2) Capable to provide real-time interaction between site owner and visitors, and among visitors themselves.

On second thought, however, I am reluctant to use it because at this time being the chat room owner cannot moderate each of the messages posted by guests – you can’t delete inappropriate contents posted to the chat room and chat history that can be accessed publicly (including cached / indexed by search engine).

While Meebo Room is not suitable for me (at least now), some of you may have justification to use it elsewhere for specific purpose :-)

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