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How To Get Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended At 80% Cheaper?

Adobe CS5 is out officially and you would like to get a free copy of Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended (in dream) or at least with great discounted price.

Seriously, the Adobe software selling price is dearly for most general home users – while Adobe Photoshop is priced at US$699, the Extended version is asking for US$999, both are as expensive as a DSLR camera lens.
Like it or not, most people can’t produce good photos on the field at most of time, but the Adobe Photoshop CS5 is capable to make touch-up “easily” to produce professional photos off the field. So, the expensive price tag could be justified.

Of course, Adobe Photoshop is not the only choice. There are no short of freeware / open source image editors that are as good as Adobe Photoshop, such as GIMP, Paint.NET, etc.

Now back to the topic, if you prefer Adobe Photoshop for some reasons and would like to go for a cheaper than normal recommended retail price, think about the Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended Student and Teacher Edition that sold at US$199 (which is as much as 80% off the price for general home users).

As the name implies, however, this edition is only eligible for students or staff members at any accredited educational institutions (from primary school up to university or private college) around the world (yes, almost every countries is eligible)!
In fact, most of the Adobe software are available at great discounted price for education lines, as long as you can present the required proof of eligibility (Europe and UK edition).

Can your family members in education lines (as student or staff) purchase a copy of this edition to install on your personal Desktop or laptop that is almost exclusively used by yourself? The license policy said NO explicitly. But I bet you can make a judgment wisely than me :-)

You can purchase online at Adobe Education Store that is near to your country. Otherwise, get the local contact number from Adobe customer service via online request form or Live Chat that pops up occasionally at certain customer service pages.

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