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Trick To Get Windows Live Messenger Full Setup Download Link For Offline Installation

Do you know where or how to get the official download link of Windows Live Messenger FULL installer for OFFLINE setup? Well, I bet there are people overlook the message that says “Trying again downloads a standalone installer…” under the “Try again” button.

In fact, this is a Windows Live Essential full installer, about 134MB, with complete setup files for IT technician or Help desk to easily install multiple offline computers with all Windows Live software, e.g. Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows Live Photo Gallery…

Direct download Windows Live Messenger full setup installer from official website.

Trick to download Windows Live Essential full setup installer

UPDATE: the Windows Live Essential download page has changed. Kindly refer to this new trick if you want to download Windows Live Messenger full installer for offline installation.

Forget about the wlsetup-web.exe that requires each installation to download additional setup files from Live.com.
I personally dislike this kind of installation as it wastes my precious bandwidth to install half of Windows Live component programs on more than one computer. Indeed it is darn painful for those broadband users who live with monthly bandwidth quota imposed by the ISP!

1) Go to download.live.com and click the Download button.

2) Soon the infamous (personally) wlsetup-web.exe / wlsetup-custom.exe prompts you to start download, just click CANCEL button to stop it.

The official download link of Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows Live Photo Gallery, etc.

3) Now click the “Try again” button (as shown in screenshot) – there you’ll get the 134MB wlsetup-all.exe, i.e. Windows Live Essential full setup installer.

See also new trick to directly download Windows Live Essentials Beta 2011 full offline installer.

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  1. hey 12-05-10@20:43

    thank you!

  2. Khalid 18-05-10@04:12

    yuppp !!!! 1000000000000000000000000000000% working on try again link

  3. MOODA 31-05-10@03:58

    Thanks a lot, this real helps me

  4. Psyculture 15-07-10@11:00

    Thanks, works fine !

  5. Vncent 12-08-10@16:25

    Don’t work for me.

    I’ve used the full URL download :

  6. liqi 10-09-10@14:48

    Hey to Vncent,
    i used ur URL, and resulted that my MSN Messenger is in Francais..

    Can u please help me to change its language to English?
    My French really sucks tho~

    Thanks in advance~

  7. bambang 16-11-10@03:37

    just change the FR into EN like this:


    it really works!

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