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How To Leave Or Delete Facebook Group You Have Joined?

After a while joining various Facebook groups you decide to leave some of them and wonder where or how to delete these groups from the Facebook account.

You might already know how to remove or delete a fan page from Facebook but there is no similar option as you expected for this case.

I wonder why Facebook can’t unify user interface for clarity.

Steps to delete or remove Facebook group

1) Login to your Facebook, not others. (See also How to get notified by Facebook when someone login your account.)

2) On the left pane, click the Group icon. You might have to click the “more” link first in order to get the Group icon.

Where to get the Facebook Group icon?

3) Click on the group that you would like to leave / delete and wait for the group page to be displayed. You should see the “Leave Group” link on the left pane – just click it followed by Remove button in the “Remove group membership” prompt.

Click the Leave Group link to delete a group you have joined in Facebook.

That is all you have to do for removing a group membership from Facebook. However, this guide might not be applicable forever as the user interface might be changed over the time.

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