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Unlock Nokia 5800 With Fingerprint

Sick of using the old fashion way of entering lock code to unlock Nokia 5800? What about unlock it with touch of fingerprint?

There is this S60v5 apps called FingerPrint V2.8 to make your dream comes true (at a cost of 5 bucks), as shown in the screenshots taken from ThinkChange.mobi!

FingerPrint apps to unlock Nokia 5800, N97, X6, etc.S60v5 apps to unlock Nokia touchscreen smart phone with fingerprint.
FingerPrint V2.8 is developed for touchscreen-based smart phone running Symbian S60v5 only, which include but not limited to Nokia 5800, N97, 5230, 5530, N97 mini, X6.

With FingerPrint V2.8, you have an alternative option to unlock the smart phone by placing finger to the screen to be scanned for authentication.

During the fingerprint scanning, there will be vibration and beep sounds. Then the phone is unlocked, regardless whose finger it is :-)

What?!?! Ops, I am sorry for the cheating. FingerPrint V2.8 is just a S60v5 apps made for fun and you may like to use it fooling friends.

Depends on the apps setting you have made, it will “unlock” the phone after a number of beep sounds or vibrations.

E.g. if “Unlock condition (times)” is set to 3, then you have to remove finger from touchscreen after hearing 3 beeps or 3 times of vibration, otherwise the “Access Denied” is shown. If it is set to 0, the phone “unlocked” once your finger is removed after pressing fingerprint.

Have fun (and don’t be angry with me).

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  1. louis mbawuike 13-05-10@01:45

    Thanks walker,i used the hard reset method to fix my phone memory,it worked,i have goten my phone back the way it was when i bought it and was able to upgrade the firmware to v50,,,,a problem happened,the bluetooth has stoped working,what am i to do now,,ITS REALLY BAD

  2. ahamed fahad 08-06-10@14:44

    i must check and see the application

  3. jafersathikjaao 30-09-10@23:28

    its, very funny, i got, it.now

  4. yael 08-10-10@17:13

    what is the 8 digits??

  5. Duane 07-11-10@07:44

    really nice application, made my friends think they cant open my phone when the anwser is so simple. REALLY NICE APPLICATION

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