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How To Play Previous Playlist In Windows Media Player?

As Windows Media Player is playing the list of selected songs, you click a movie or music file in an email attachment or a folder, then Windows Media Player stops playing current list and replace the playlist with that media file you have clicked.

Whether by intention or by mistake, can you resume or replay the previous playlist interrupted by newly opened media file?

Yes, by all means. Depend on which Windows version you’re using, this trick may not be available:

Windows 7

There are TWO ways to resume previous playlist in Windows Media Player 12 of Windows 7:

1) Right click Windows Media Player button on the Taskbar and there you’ll see “Resume Previous List” option in the Windows Media Player Jump List.

Windows Media Player Jump List offers option to replay previous playlist interrupted by the latest opened media file.
When using Windows 7 on touchscreen-enabled computer or Laptop, it is easy to access Jump List by simply tap and push the program button on taskbar towards Desktop area.

The Jump List is also available on the said program shortcut pinned to Start menu, appears as cascading menu.

2) When the latest opened media file playback ends, you should see 3 options appear in the Now Playing window – one of them is “Play Previous List”:

Option to resume previous playlist in Windows Media Player
If Windows Media Player 12 (as bundled with Windows 7) is not in Now Playing window (then it must be in Library window), click the “Switch to Now Playing” icon located on the bottom-right corner of Library window.

Of course, you can move the seek slider (the playback progress bar) to end the media file playback faster at wish, if you desperately want to resume previous playlist:

The seek slider control in Windows Media Player.

Windows Vista or earlier

If I recall correctly, the 2nd method used in Windows 7 is also available in Windows Media Player 11 of Windows Vista. Not too sure about Windows XP, which is at the end of official support by Microsoft (or very soon).

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  1. Derek 21-03-11@08:25

    Media Player 10 – Press ctrl b

  2. Joaquim 10-12-17@23:12

    how can i play the last list, when i run the Windows media player?
    what i mean is: when i run windows media player, the Play button is disabled

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