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The Official List Of YouTube Top Videos

I didn’t notice there is an official list of YouTube Top Video that can be easily accessed at the homepage of world most popular video sharing website! Indeed I google it (the official list from reputable source) and then stumbled upon the trick of locating them with site-search function.

However, my earlier trick of using asterisk as search string and sort by uploading time from older to newer (to locate first video uploaded to YouTube) had been disabled / removed (since when??).

Now, forgive me if you did follow my trick mentioned earlier, and please follow this new tip to find the official YouTube Top Video of all time (who else can provide the most accurate list other than the video sharing website itself?):

Click this link to get the list in no time, or read these 3 steps for your info (in case you’re not aware of it):

1) Scroll down to the bottom YouTube home page,

2) Click the “Most Viewed” hyperlink,

Get the official list of YouTube Top Video

3) Select “All Time” from the “When” listing.

YouTube Top Video of All Time

At this time of writing, the YouTube Top 20 Videos is dominated by “commercial” works – the number of MTV and commercial show footage overtake the true home-made videos. I am glad to know that Canon Rock by JerryC is still in the Top 20 list :-)

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