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One-click To Add Elevated Command Prompt Shortcut In Right-click Menu

Start from Windows Vista to Windows 7, a user created Windows account of Administrator group doesn’t explicitly running program with true administrator privilege, unless using the system defined administrator account.

Thus, when you hold down the SHIFT key followed by right click a folder to select “Open command window here” doesn’t execute CMD.exe with elevated privilege.

To fix this nuisance, you can either log in with the system defined administrator account or apply a simple Registry hack that add an elevated Command Prompt shortcut in right-click context menu.

One-click Registry hack to add true administrator Command Prompt shortcut in right-click context menu

This Registry hack is applicable to Windows Vista and Windows 7, both x32/64-bit.

Download and extract the ElevatedCmd.zip, verify the file checksum (given at below), double click ElevatedCmd.reg to proceed:

[ md5 checksum (.zip): e94fc460bf480265670330203cb0c3cc ]
[ md5 checksum (.reg): 8a76ef862374e65bc9229ad6c32a58fe ]
(You might interested in HashCheck that integrate MD5 file checksum function in right-click menu)

You will be asked by User Account Control to allow ElevatedCmd.reg makes change in your computer followed by Registry Editor warning message:

Windows Registry hack enables Windows Vista and Windows 7 to open admin-level Command Prompt with right-click context menu.

If you trust me, just click OK/Yes to apply the hack on Windows Vista, Windows 7 or higher.

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