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How To Add Program Shortcuts To Send To Menu In Windows 7?

Just 2 simple steps to customize the Windows 7 Send To menu! To me, the Send To menu is one of the easiest ways to open a file with non-default program or application that is not associated with the file type.

For example, while double click a MP3 file is opened in Windows Media Player, I can also right click it and select VLC Player from the Send To menu for playback.

Simple steps to customize Send To menu

This trick is demonstrated in Windows 7, but it is applicable for other Windows with little change (or should be no change at all in Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008).

1) Open Windows Explorer, type shell:sendto in Address bar and press ENTER:

2) Locate the program (that you want it to appear in Send To menu) from the Start button, right click and drag it to the sendto folder (opened in step 1), release the right-click and select “Create shortcut here”:

Now, just right click any file and select Send To option in the context menu, there you should see a program shortcut added in step 2:

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  1. Urs Muntwyler 30-06-10@23:44

    I’ve been using this since years on Windows XP and Windows Vista. But on my Windows 7 machine, it doesn’t work any more. I can put whatever shortcut I want to my SendTo folder – it doen’t appear in SendTo context menu… any ideas?

  2. Urs Muntwyler 30-06-10@23:48

    It works when copying the whole program (instead of its shortcut) to the SendTo folder…. but that can’t be the final solution…

  3. Ferdz 31-07-13@02:15

    very helpful information.

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