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How To Use Nokia Photo Browser?

The freeware Nokia Photo Browser is more attractive than my Nokia 5800 default image browser. Besides intuitive touchscreen interface, the 3D image gallery and image partial magnification are cool features to play with.

User Guide: Nokia Photo Browser cool features

Rotate the touchscreen to landscape mode and slide the image gallery towards the left or right, you will see the 3D Image Gallery:

Nokia Photo Browser with 3D gallery.Slide or swipe the Nokia Photo Browser gallery in landscape mode.

While in image gallery mode,
  • Tap once on the thumbnail to get a full screen view of the image;
  • Tap once on the maximized image again will revert to thumbnail mode shown in image gallery.
    • Double tap (tapping twice continuously) the full screen image will switch to full resolution mode. Double tap again will switch full resolution image back to full screen mode.
    • To pan the full resolution image, just press and move finger on the touchscreen (the thumbnail appears on bottom-left as guide).

When an image is maximized to full screen view, press on the point where you would like to magnify, Nokia Photo Browser will enlarge that point of interest:

Nokia Photo Browser zoom in partially on the point of press.Nokia Photo Browser fancy zoom feature.

Besides, you can slide the maximized image towards right or left in order to see the next or previous image in full screen mode. Take a closer look on the left image (above), there are arrows on the left and right edge.

Looking for a S60v5 image browser with face detection feature? Well, the Nokia Photo Browser has the face recognition function, which makes it easier to see each faces of the group photo in full image resolution mode:

S60v5 freeware image browser with face detection feature - get the Nokia Photo Browser for Nokia 5800.

How to use the Nokia Photo Browser face detection feature?While a group photo is maximized to full screen mode, double tap on one of the faces, Nokia Photo Browser will switch the image to full resolution mode and highlight all the human faces detected with green, square boxes.

To see the next face detected, just slide on the touchscreen towards left or right, Nokia Photo Browser will intelligently switch to display next detected faces in full resolution mode.

In the image gallery mode, press the thumbnail for 2-5 seconds will activate the pop-up menu with options to

Activate and use the Nokia Photo Browser option menu to edit, send or delete the selected image easily.
  • Send the image via email, Bluetooth, or upload to Ovi, Flickr or Vox.
  • Rotate the image, i.e. change the image orientation.
  • View the image detail, e.g. image path, date and time, resolution
  • Display the thumbnails in image gallery according to folder name or time order
  • Delete the image

Close the application properly or it will run at background and flat the battery faster. To close Nokia Photo Browser, just press the cancel call key (red button) or press the thumbnail for 2-5 seconds and then select “exit” option from the pop-up menu.

Downside of Nokia Photo Browser

The freeware doesn’t scan all images stored in the phone memory and memory card. Indeed, Nokia Photo Browser v0.095 only scans the C:\Images (phone memory) and E:\Images (memory card).

To fix it, you have to keep or save all images in either one of the Images folder!

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