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Trick To Search YouTube Top Video By View Count

Just realize my earlier trick of searching top videos on YouTube has been disabled :-( I wonder why and how can I search for the YouTube top video by view count again.

New trick to search top videos on YouTube

YouTube does not allow user to search video using the single asterisk mark.

NOTE: I doubt this new trick works well for the said purpose, and still works after this posting :-(, although I manage to get the YouTube search function returning most of the “all time top videos”:

New trick to search top video on YouTube?

1) Type 1 in the search box and hit ENTER key

2) Scroll down to the bottom of page and click the “repeat the search” hyperlink:

The YouTube video search trick

3) Scroll up to the top of page and click the “Search Options” hyperlink.

4) Select the sort by “View Count” option. Now you should see the list of top videos on YouTube.com, in term of total view count!

If you know a better way to dig out a more accurate search result of YouTube Top 100 video clips, please share with me.

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  1. Vikas 03-05-10@11:48

    “t” is the new topper “1” is out ;)

  2. Walker 03-05-10@23:59

    Actually, there is an official list of Top YouTube Videos and this trick is not useful at all.

  3. Drew 20-12-12@12:58

    type in whatever in the search bar..example the word: cheese. Then when it loads to the next page in the navigation toolbar at the end of the hyperlink will be =cheese …delete cheese so it is just = . there you go

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