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Why Outlook 2007 Cannot Play GIF And Embed Flash Objects?

Stumbled upon reference of why the GIF graphics is not playing in Outlook 2007. Besides, there are no official tips to embed Flash object in Outlook 2007 emails.

According to Microsoft Office Online article, the Word 2007 e-mail editor is the only built-in editor of Outlook 2007, whether or not the Microsoft Word is installed.

The explicit reason of only using Word 2007 rendering engine is to provide a consistent user experience on Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook.

On the side note, that hints Microsoft allows users to “safely” remove or uninstall Internet Explorer from Windows without much worry of unexpected errors and interruptions caused by broken dependency.

The drawback of not using a legacy web browser rendering engine, however, is to give up some “useful” functionality in earlier versions, such as rendering animated GIF, embedded Flash object, apply some advanced HTML and CSS formatting, etc.

Apparently, the Word 2007 rendering engine is not highly compatible with the legacy web browser, at least true for this release.

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