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How To Rotate Video Playback 90 Degree Without Conversion?

The freeware VLC Media Player allows one to rotate video playback on the fly vertically at ±90 degree or even 360 degree. I truly appreciate this cool rendering feature especially when playing videos captured in landscape mode by digital camera or camcorder, mobile phone, etc.

Besides using VLC Media Player to rotate video during playback, one can also rotate the computer screen orientation. This alternate trick is kinda useful, if supported by display card driver, when VLC Media Player is unable to play the video properly with a compatible codec.

Yet another “silent” screencast: Rotate video playback in freeware VLC Media Player without having to convert it with editor that supports video rotation.

Alternative trick to rotate video captured by digital camera at 90 degree, i.e. from landscape mode to portrait mode.
Change the computer screen orientation from landscape to portrait mode (rotate at 90 degree) is a possible alternative solution if the video rotation feature in media player is not possible.

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