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How To Use Different Hotmail Account To Send Email In Outlook 2007?

Instead of Exchange email account, can I select a different Hotmail account from Outlook Connector in Microsoft Outlook 2007 to send new emails to recipients? By all means.

Although Microsoft not officially allows Outlook 2007 to setup multiple Exchange email accounts, the in-house developed Outlook Connector allows users to add multiple Hotmail accounts in Outlook 2007.

Trick to use different accounts to send or reply email in Outlook 2007

Suppose there are one Exchange email account and one or more Hotmail accounts in Outlook 2007, one just have to click the “Account” button, underneath the big Send button, if there is a need to choose different email account to send or reply an email:

Choose different account to send or reply email in Outlook 2007.

There is a grey status bar appears atop the Send button, indicates the message will be sent via an account that is not the default.

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