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How To Open Mulitple Outlook 2007 For Different Purposes?

With Outlook 2007, how to read new emails while searching old emails from archives?

Well, you can certainly open two or more Outlook 2007 instances concurrently so that one instance is used to read new emails while another copy can be used to check other Outlook 2007 folders (e.g. Contacts, Drafts, Sent Items, Calendar, Public Folders, etc), recover hard deleted emails from Microsoft Exchange Server, and so on.

Trick to open 2 or more Outlook 2007 windows at a time
This trick is not about open different Exchange email accounts at the same time in Outlook 2007.

Right click on the Outlook 2007 folder and select “Open in new window” from the pop-up option menu, so that you can view that folder in a new Outlook 2007 window while the current view of folder remains intact.

Open multiple Outlook 2007 at a time to easily access different folders.

Having said this, you can easily switching between two Outlook 2007 windows of different views via the ALT+TAB hotkey.

Alternatively, double click the Outlook 2007 shortcut will also open another Outlook 2007 instance.

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