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The Easiest Way To Create QR Code For Blog

The Google Chart API allows one to create and display QR Code of a blog or website on the fly without having to host the image of QR Code in web server.

Believe it or not, to create or generate a unique QR Code for website is as easy as abc! There are bunch of free QR Code generator online and it is not hard to locate them from web search, including those I have mentioned in earlier posts.

The Google Chart API, however, is probably the easiest QR Code generator for blogger and webmaster, especially to those who are using free blogging web service like Blogger @ Blogspot.com.

Most of the QR Code generators require one to download the image of QR Code and upload it to web server for displaying the 2D barcode in web pages.

WalkerNews.net QR Code generated by Google Chart APIWith the Google QR Code generator, you only have to add a simple HTML code, using the IMG tag, to easily display QR Code in web pages (like this one showing here) without having to host the image of that 2D barcode in question:
<img src="http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?cht=qr&chs=100x100&chl=http://www.walkernews.net&chld=H" alt="" />

With reference to the HTML code above, you can also display the QR Code of your own blog in no time, probably less than 10 seconds or 1 minute:

1) Copy that IMG tag to the HTML code where you want to display the QR Code.

2) Replace the text in red with a different image size (optional) and the text in blue with your blog URL that is to be embedded in QR Code.

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  1. mikepk 28-02-10@00:15

    Glad you found it useful. :) I think Google is going pushing QRcodes pretty hard.

  2. mikepk 28-02-10@00:17

    Oops. Obviously that was supposed to say “Google is pushing QRcodes pretty hard”. I had written “Google is going to push QRcodes pretty hard” but with their favorite places QRcode sticker campaign they’re already doing it. No way to edit the comment tho.

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