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How To Uninstall Windows Live Photo Gallery In Windows 7?

You might have to uninstall or remove the Windows Live Photo Gallery from Windows and reinstall it to resolve some errors that cannot even be fixed by running the Windows Live Repair function.

It is a painful exercise, however, as uninstalling Windows Live Photo Gallery requires one to also remove the Windows Live Movie Maker (the only freeware movie maker for Windows 7 editions).

If you only want to remove Photo Gallery only and retain the Movie Maker in Windows 7, then you have to remove both applications first and then download the bulky setup file to install Windows Live Movie Maker again :-(

How to clean uninstall Windows Live Photo Gallery in Windows 7?

Step to uninstall Windows Live Photo Gallery from Windows 7

1) Click Start button, type Programs and Features in the Search programs and files text box, and click the shortcut of same name that appears atop in the Control Panel list.

2) In the “Uninstall or change a program” window, double click the “Windows Live Essentials”.

3) You should see Uninstall and Repair options in the “Uninstall or repair your Windows Live programs” window. Select Uninstall and click Continue button.

4) Select the Photo Gallery and Movie Maker programs and click Continue button to proceed.

As mentioned earlier, if you would like to keep Windows Live Movie Maker, just download Windows Live Essentials setup file to reinstall it.

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  1. John 06-09-10@04:20

    Thank you! Stopped the incessant pop-up questions about allowing Windows Photo Gallery to open while using IE8 on my Windows7 machine – despite constantly clicking “Don’t Allow” and checking the “Do Not Show This Message Again” box. Incredible that all these applications are developed in silos at Microsoft, so the developers have no idea how they interact with one another and the frustrating problems they can cause.

  2. rangeroverkid 23-10-10@00:36

    The update with Win.Live Essentials 2011 is a DISASTER. I run Acer 5536, AMD Turion x 2; 500GB HDD; 4MB mem + 4MB Ready Boost Cache; and Windows 7. I updated 17 hours ago and since then the processors have been working 100 – 90% and 70-80% mem used. Every time I try to run Live Photo Gallery it fails to respond and lock up for many minutes 10, 15, 20 . The “online help” is NO help and most of the time fails to connect (I use “3 Connect” 3G Mobile Broadband via USB dongle). Oh I suppose it’s my fault as I have 320,000. images.
    What a load of what comes out of a Horses backside!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Zona Williams 04-09-11@23:51

    I wanted out of Windows 7 Live Essentials ID and email. I had help to uninstall and completely lost Windows Live Photo Gallery. I know they are in there somewhere but can’t seem to get them back. Is there some possible way to do that? I am very lo tech and am afraid to download just the Photo Gallery program using Windows 7 Dummy directions. Oh how I wish Microsoft help was more available for true Dummies.

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