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How To Uninstall IE8 In Windows 7?

I can’t believe how easy it is to uninstall or remove Internet Explorer 8 from Windows 7. The simplicity of removing IE8 from Windows 7 sounds similar to what was in the era of Windows 95/98, if I recall correctly.

If you are not happy with this (free) web browser in Windows 7, just uninstall it in no time. However, I suggest you to keep this Microsoft’s favorite to avoid unnecessary glitches arise from missing dependencies, sooner or later.

Steps to clean uninstall IE8 from Windows 7

1) Open an elevated Command Prompt window or click the Start button, type optionalfeatures.exe and press ENTER key to open the Windows Features window.

Alternatively, click Start button, type “Programs and Features” and click the shortcut of same name that appears atop in the Control Panel list. On the left pane of open window, click the “Turns Windows features on or off”.

The easiest way to remove or uninstall IE8 in any Windows 7 editions.

2) As shown in the above screenshot, clear the check box of Internet Explorer 8 and click OK button.

That is all you have to do. After system reboot, the Internet Explorer is gone. [ With reference to Article ID: 957700, Revision 8.8, How do I uninstall or remove Internet Explorer 8? ]

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  1. SingingFool 03-12-10@05:19

    This procedure DOES NOT uninstall IE 8 from Windows 7. This article is very misleading. The procedure described above will turn IE 8 off, so that it’s non-functional, but all the files and registry entries required to run it are still intact, and it can be just as easily turned back on by re-checking the same box used to turn it off. I would love to have a way to uninstall IE 8 more thoroughly, but alas, Microsoft has once again decided for us what is best for the masses.

  2. Tahir Khan 07-01-11@20:55

    Dear Sir:

    Please provide me an actual procedure to completely remove IE8 from windows 7, because is giving the problem in printing over the network.


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