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How To Save Or Extract Embedded Images In Outlook 2007?

Yes, Outlook 2007 can extract or save the images embedded in email body as files, using the original graphics file format as those of the sender. In my test, even the file checksum of extracted image is identical to the file before it was embedded to email body.

Outlook 2007 trick to extract the embedded images:

Suppose the sender didn’t perform image edit or resize action in Outlook 2007 before sending the email, then it is possible to extract the embedded images to original file format at same image resolution.

1) Open the email with embedded images in message body, click “Other Actions” button found in the Actions tab and select “View In Browser”.

Option to read Outlook 2007 emails in web browser.
As the Outlook 2007 emails is opened as MHT file format in web browser, I am in opinion that Internet Explorer is the most suitable candidate, i.e. the default web browser (in Windows 7) should be set to (IE8).

2) Now, the email is opened in Internet Explorer. Press ALT+F to bring up File menu and select “Save As” option.

3) In the Save Webpage dialog box, click “Save as type” and choose “Webpage Complete” (as shown):

Get IE8 to save webpage as HTML Complete format.

4) Let say you save the Outlook email as “email.htm”, then you should see a folder of same name appended with “_files” suffix. In this case, browse to the emails_files folder and rename all non-zero *.tmp files to the original image file format.

For simplicity, I strongly suggest to open the *.tmp files with IrfanView, a freeware image viewer that can automatically detect the image file format at open and make suggestion to rename the tmp file to corresponding image file extension.

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  1. Mike 30-03-10@04:58

    I have Outlook 2007 but I dont have an “Other Actions” button in the Actions tab.

    I now need to google what the hell you’re banging on about, rendering your answer completely useless.

  2. Paul 08-06-10@00:37

    You got it, finally. Only that, if I may, after step one, all I need to do is to right click on each picture and save as and bam! this only happens when receiving an email with pics from Apple users…. Thank you for the solution!

  3. Chris 18-12-14@19:49

    “Other actions” then “save attachments”, worked for me, a bit quicker. I wouldn’t have looked in the “other actions” menu without your tip above, thanks!

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