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Tips To Control Program Sound Volume In Windows 7

The Windows 7 Volume Mixer allows one to control or set the maximum sound volume of individual application. I kinda like this feature to control the loud volume of Facebook videos.

How to control maximum sound volume of different program running in Windows 7?

1) My preference, might not be your flavour, is to turn the volume knob of speaker and headphone to maximum.

2) Similarly, the Windows 7 sound devices setting are also set to maximum.

3) Open the program, the one that you are going to set its volume level, to play a sound file.

4) Now, open Volume Mixer to control the active program sound level:
  • This setting is persistent, even after system reboot, unless you change the sound level again in Volume Mixer.
  • A program only appears in Volume Mixer when it is playing a multimedia file (with sound).
  • The advantages are you can selectively hear louder sound from particular program (e.g. Kingsoft PowerWord dictionary) but not all, to control the loud volume of Flash video playing in web browser (e.g. YouTube or Facebook), etc.

Control volume level of individual applications in Windows 7 helps to lower the Facebook video volume perpetually.

How to open Volume Mixer In Windows 7

Right click the Sound icon in Notification Area of Taskbar and select “Open Volume Mixer”. Notification Area, a.k.a. System Tray, is where you can see the date and time.

Alternatively, open Command Prompt window or click Start button, then type sndvol.exe and press ENTER key.

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