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No Sounds From Audio Devices In Windows 7?

Windows Vista or Windows 7 might suddenly stop playing sounds with the attached audio devices. When this happen to you, that might cause of two or more programs trying to take exclusive control on the audio devices.

If the speaker or headphone is working fine before the failure and suppose there is no faulty hardware, then you might able to fix this sound problem by disabling Windows program from taking exclusive control on sound devices.

How to disable the feature of exclusive control on playback devices in Windows 7?

1) Open Windows Control Panel and click the Sound icon. Alternatively, right click the sound icon on Notification Area (a.k.a. System Tray) and select Sounds option from the context menu.

2) Click on the Playback tab, select the active sound device (the one with green tick label) and click the Properties button.

3) Go to Advanced tab and disable the “Exclusive Mode” options, i.e. uncheck the box with description of “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device” (highlighted in yellow colour):

Options to disable program to take exclusive control on sound devices in Windows 7.

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