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How To View GIF Animation In Outlook 2007?

Outlook 2007 does not play the GIF images or animated graphics that appear in email body. If you insert any animated GIF graphics inline, instead of sending as email attachment, do remember to add a simple note of how to see the GIF animation in Outlook 2007.

Trick to display animated GIF graphics in Outlook 2007

1) Open the email that contains these inline GIF images,

2) Click the “Other Actions” button in Actions tab and select “View in Browser” option:

Option to read Outlook 2007 emails in web browser.

3) A dialog box pops up to remind you the security risk of reading the said email in web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, if you didn’t change the default setting). If you sure the email is from someone you know and it is clean, then just click OK button to proceed.

Voila! There you will see the animated GIF play, as you wish, in the web browser!

[ With reference: Animated GIF won’t play in Outlook 2007 ]

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