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How To View New Facebook Friends List?

Where is the Friends list in new Facebook 2010 interface introduced in the earlier Feb? Whether you have only few or hundreds to thousands friends added to Facebook, you might interested to see the list of friends, at some time, for some reasons.

To see a list of friends in new Facebook interface, click the profile picture and you will see the Friends box appears on the left pane of profile page. Just click the View All link of Friends box to access the list.
For those who have set and activated the Facebook username feature can also access your unique Facebook profile page that suffixed with the chosen username, e.g. facebook.com/walkernews.

To search for one particular friend you have added, just type the name of friend in Facebook Search text box (at the of page). With a good and reliable broadband Internet, you should see the list of friends of similar name appears as you type. Just click the name that match your wish.

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