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How To Fix Facebook Or YouTube Video Volume To Lower Level?

Is it possible to lower Facebook or YouTube video volume level persistently even after rebooting Windows? Seems to me that all Facebook videos have the volume level set to maximum and that is possible to impair hearing when using a headphone if one forgets to manually lower the volume level.

I have experienced this scenario few times as my speaker and headphone volume level, of both hardware knob and Windows speaker control, are all set to maximum :-(

The situation is better after adjusting the Windows Sound applet and Volume Mixer!

Control volume level of individual applications in Windows 7 helps to lower the Facebook video volume perpetually.

This Volume Mixer is available in my Windows 7. If I recall correctly, the Volume Mixer is also available in Windows Vista (not too sure about Windows XP).

The advantage of Volume Mixer, as you can see, is to control volume level of each application in Windows 7.

While the speaker or headphone volume level is set to 100% (maximum), the volume level of System Sounds, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Kingsoft PowerWord, etc, can be configured individually.

So, now I can listen to pronunciation of dictionary at maximum volume level (on par with device volume) but Facebook or YouTube videos can be played at much lower pitch by web browsers (regardless of the video preset volume level in Adobe Flash Player).

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  1. Walker 21-02-10@15:22

    To open Volume Mixer in Windows 7:

    Right click the speaker icon in Notification Area (a.k.a. System Tray) and select “Open Volume Mixer”.

    Alternatively, click Start button, type sndvol.exe and click ENTER key. Or, you can open sndvol.exe in Command Prompt too.

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