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How To Fix MSN Error 80048820 Caused By Invalid Proxy Setting?

I forgot to include steps to fix Windows Live Messenger 2009 login error code 80048820 in Windows 7. For Windows veteran, I suppose the earlier post should have provided enough information, but not much for the novices (I guess).

Please be reminded, that the invalid proxy server settings is only one of the possible causes, and the following fixes worked for my case when login with Windows Live Messenger 2009 build 14.0.8089.726 in Windows 7 Enterprise (although I couldn’t reproduce the error then):

Update or disable Internet Explorer proxy server

1) For IE7 or IE8, press ALT+T to bring up Tools menu and click Internet Options. For older IE release, you should consider upgrade Internet Explorer for the sake of performance and security. Anyway, the Tools menu should be easily found in older Internet Explorer versions.

2) In the Internet Options dialog box, click the Connections tab followed by LAN Settings button.

3) In the Local Area Network (LAN) Settings dialog box, uncheck the Proxy Server check-box to disable IE proxy server settings. For updating, check it to enable and proceed to configure the proxy server accordingly.

4) Click OK all the way to complete.

Update or disable WinHttp proxy server setting

1) Open Windows Command Prompt window with elevated privilege, i.e. click Windows Orb (the Windows Start button), type cmd, right click on cmd.exe that appears atop in the Program list and click Run As Administrator.

2) In the elevated Command Prompt, execute the following netsh command to effectively reset WinHttp proxy server to none (i.e. direct access):
netsh winhttp reset proxy

Once again, I am not sure these tricks will work for your case, as I managed to get it to fix my MSN error 80048820 but I couldn’t recreate the error code at wish, at least until now. Maybe it will recur if I online MSN in the corporate network via proxy server and then trying to get online again via public WIFI or hotspot at Starbucks.

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