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Fix Windows Live Messenger Error Code 80048820

How to fix the MSN error code 80048820? I saw this particular error appeared when login with Windows Live Messenger 2009 build 14.0.8089.726 in Windows 7 Enterprise.

The error message seems to suggest the MSN service is current not available. It was not exactly true, however, as the partners who sat next to me managed to login without seeing this annoying rejection :-(

How to fix the Windows Live Messenger error code 80048820?

As the laptop has to online via proxy server while connect to corporate network, I thought that error 80048820 might caused by proxy setting while online at non-corporate, private networks.

Anyway, the same error code 80048820 displayed even the IE8 proxy server setting unchecked / disabled and had Windows 7 rebooted (with confirmation of IE 8 to successfully browse and render latest BBC news contents).

I am not convinced by the other possibilities found in Google, such as incorrect system clock, registering softpub.dll, etc, except the possibility of invalid proxy setting.

Having experienced with Windows Update error 80072EFD, I speculated the same trick can be applied to the latest Windows Live Messenger 2009 proxy server setting.

Yes, I managed to login Windows Live Messenger again after resetting WinHttp proxy server configuration to direct access. But, I couldn’t reproduce the error by reversing WinHttp settings.

Anyway, I hope this trick can an alternative way to fix your problem (who know), if all others you have tried failing to fix it, particularly you are using Windows Live Messenger 2009 in Windows 7. Good luck!

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