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Nokia Photo Browser: A Must-have S60v5 Photo Browser!

Nokia Photo Browser is still the must-have free S60v5 photo browser for my Nokia 5800. I prefer this touchscreen photo browser than the one out of the box, simply because it makes use of touchscreen to easily zoom in and out an image or just enlarge image partially on the point of touch.

What are the Nokia Photo Browser features?

Besides the touchscreen-aware feature, Nokia Photo Browser is also an accelerometer-aware apps, i.e. images automatically rotate between landscape and portrait mode according to screen display.

The face recognition is something worth to mention too. Say you’re looking an image of buddies sitting on staircase, you can easily zoom in to view each of their smiling looks by just double tap on one of the faces, and then a green box appears to activate face detection. Now, just slide the touchscreen and Nokia Photo Browser automatically move to display the next face detected in the image.

Other basic functions included are send and delete image, nice gallery sliding effects, elegant and clean user interface (thanks to touchscreen), etc.

If you haven’t tried this great S60v5 freeware, just try it personally. I bet you like it too, even if you just watch the demo by Charlie Schick at YouTube:

Though one can download Nokia Photo Browser from Ovi Store at no cost (except for data packets), isn’t it better to include or replace the default Gallery photo browser with this goodies in the latest Nokia 5800 firmware? I wonder why Nokia doesn’t do it :-(

Anyway, just go to download Nokia Photo Browser from Ovi Store (click “send to mobile” to receive SMS of the download link, then you can download it over WIFI or 3G network) or download it from Nokia Beta Labs (but be warned that this copy might not be the latest release as compare to the one at Ovi Store).

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