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How To Read Hotmail In Offline Mode When Internet Is Down?

Why access Hotmail from Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live Mail is better than accessing the free webmail from Internet Explorer? Well, guess you know the answer by now after reading this post title.

Personally, one of the advantages of using Microsoft Outlook Connector to access Windows Live Hotmail from Outlook 2007 is the capability to read email offline!

Access Hotmail from Outlook 2007 via Outlook Connector freeware.

Besides using Microsoft Outlook Connector, one can also download and use Windows Live Mail to access and read Hotmail in offline mode. Unlike Microsoft Outlook 2007 that required paid license to use, Windows Live Mail is a free email client that forms the Windows Live Essential program suite.

Access and read Hotmail offline with Windows Live Mail freeware.

Imagine that when the funny emails with lot of image and flash game attachments downloaded completely to local, I can read the email offline if the Internet is down or inaccessible.

The offline email content is full, not partial, including all the email attachments that can be saved from email to hard disk instantly without worry of the Internet status :-) I don’t even have to login Hotmail account to read its emails offline! Isn’t this better than accessing Hotmail in a web browser?

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