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How To Upgrade Sony GPS-CS1 Image Tracker Software In Windows 7?

To geotag photos with Sony GPS-CS1 data files in Windows 7, you need to install the latest Sony GPS Image Tracker version 2.1. The older Image Tracker version 1.0 is not working well in Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, although it works in Windows Vista SP1 (to what I recall).

Steps to upgrade Sony GPS Image Tracker to version 2.1

Unless you have the latest installer CD comes with the Sony GPS logger or found the direct download link of genuine Sony GPS Image Tracker (please share with me then), you have to get Sony SPU Download Manager first in order to acquire the latest genuine application from Sony website.

Then, follow the reference of official upgrade note. In my test case, Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit is used to execute the following steps:

1) Double click SPUDownloadManagerInst.exe (Sony SPU Download Manager, that you suppose have saved it from the given link at above). It will automatically extract the compressed files to a folder in working directory, with name “SPUDownloadManger”.

2) Go to the SPUDownloadManger folder and double click SPUDownloadManagerStarter.exe.

3) You are prompted to connect Sony device to computer. In this case, connect the Sony GPS-CS1 to Windows 7 via USB port and then POWER ON the GPS logger.

4) Click Start to begin download the latest GPS Image Tracker installer (about 289MB for my case).

If the Authentication Error pops up complaining the support product is not connected (although the Sony device already appears in Windows Safely Remove Hardware list, as what I have encountered), then you might HAVE NOT power on the GPS unit after connecting it to USB port!

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  1. tom_portugal 29-03-10@00:54


    greetings from portugal. I’m unable to power my device on after conecting usb. I can see the device as drive H: the GPS folder is also there, but no lights on the device! when i plug it off the USb and press the power button, it turns on normally. I can’t download my missing software b’cause SPUDownloadManger says there is no device connected. Can u help me out? I need this working a.s.a.p.

  2. Walker 29-03-10@20:44

    Sorry for belated reply.

    Are you using Sony GPS-CS1(B) as well? If yes, I suggest you to try with a new battery.

  3. tom_portugal 01-04-10@00:50

    Hi there,
    thanks for the reply.
    Yes, I’m using Sony GPS-CS1. I don’t know if it’s B.
    New battery, lol.
    I’ll try this later today. Stupid me(!) never thought that it could be the battery, it’s working fine when unplugged.
    Thanks again, I’ll reply the result later.

  4. Wil Bloodworth 28-06-10@02:00

    What are you supposed to do when step #4 crashes? Mine just runs the setup and then always errors out saying “Please quit all programs related to Sony Picture Utility and start the setup again.” Rebooting makes no difference.

  5. Zaka 27-09-12@17:18

    I am using Sony GPS-CS1(B) but unfortunately, i lost the program CD and now i am trying to install the software through Updater. It is working fine when it is not connected to PC, perfectly working on PC as Drive but it is not powering up when i connect it with PC for program installation. Even, i am using new battery but no result at all. Can you help on this?
    2nd, can i use the log files of this device to patch my pictures for coordinates through any other software? if you know any kind of software then please let me know.


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