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How To Check Hotmail In Microsoft Outlook?

One can use Microsoft Outlook to manage and check Hotmail or Windows Live Mail by installing the Outlook Connector. If for some reasons you prefer Office Outlook than web browser to check the Microsoft webmail accounts, then Outlook Connector is certainly a bonus, if you’re using Outlook 2003 or higher.

1) Download the free Microsoft Office Outlook Connector from Microsoft Download Center. Alternatively, download one of the Windows Live Essentials components and select it from the Windows Live installer.
With reference to download page, Outlook Connector 12.1 only works with Microsoft Outlook 2003, Microsoft Outlook 2007, or higher.

2) After installing Outlook Connector, you should be prompted to configure it to automatically synchronize one or all of your webmail accounts. To be precise, these are Microsoft webmail services only, i.e. Office Live Mail, Windows Live Mail / Hotmail.

To add a new Microsoft webmail account to Microsoft Outlook, just click the Outlook Connector menu and select “add a new account” option.

How to use Outlook Connector to check Hotmail or Office Live Mail in Microsoft Outlook?

Next, fill up the simple account setup form. If you are not flavour the “remember my password” feature, just maintain the email address and the pseudo account name at your wish:

Outlook Connector allows user to check Hotmail in Microsoft Outlook

Then, click OK button and restart Microsoft Office Outlook. You should be prompted to enter password for accessing each of the Microsoft webmail accounts maintained in Outlook Connector as it starts up (unless the remember password feature is enabled).

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