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How To Login Facebook With User Name Instead Of Email Address?

For those who enable user name feature, the Facebook login actually allows one to sign in with either the defined user name or email address. The flavour of sign in Facebook with user name rather than email address is simplicity (less effort of typing lengthy email address).

In order to enable Facebook login with user name:

1) Login to Facebook with email address first,

2) Click the “Settings” hyperlink (next to the “Log out” link),

3) In the My Account > Settings tab, you should find the Username setup – here is the place to set or define your personal FB user name. It can be simple (if the chosen user name is still available); otherwise, it could be little bit complicated :-(

Login to Facebook with user name instead of email address?

Points to note on Facebook user name:

1) When the Facebook user name first introduced, there was no need to verify account via mobile phone. Don’t know since when this is a requirement.

2) For those who has set this username, you are allowed to change it again one more time (JUST one more time only, as per Facebook policy at this time of writing), if you are not happy with the first login name.

3) That FB user name is also used to create the unique yet simple and personal Facebook web address. For example, you can find my unique FB web address at www.facebook.com/walkernews (since the FB user name is set to walkernews).

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