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Nokia 5800 v40: How To Answer Or Mute Incoming Call?

Nokia 5800 v40.0.005 introduces new interface to answer or “silent” call when the touchscreen and keys are locked. This new touchscreen interface is also applied to stop or snooze alarm clock. If you already know how to stop / snooze alarm clock, you should know how to answer call or activate the silence call function.

If your Nokia 5800 is yet upgraded to the latest firmware, just do it and experience it, by connecting the music smartphone to a stable Internet broadband via WIFI and activate the Firmware Over The Air feature (FOTA) to perform in-the-phone firmware upgrade in no time.

With this latest Nokia device software, the following user interface for handling incoming call is only available when the touchscreen or phone is locked:

Nokia 5800 v40: To answer incoming call, slide or swipe the Answer trail from left to rightNokia 5800 v40 - swipe the unlock trail from left to right to unlock phone and mute the incoming call ringtone.

To answer call, you have to slide or swipe the ANSWER trail from left to right, as hinted by the green arrow animation.

To silent the call (i.e. to put the calling ringtone to silent), just unlock the phone by swiping or sliding the UNLOCK trail from right to left, as shown by the blue arrow animation. As soon as the phone is unlocked, the silence button is activated to mute the incoming call ringtone.

Depends on settings, you might able to silent call by turning the phone (say when the touch screen faces up, overturn the phone to put the touchscreen faces down).

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  1. Hannah 27-02-10@21:04

    Hello, ive just got this Nokia 5800 phone last year and when someone calls my phone a voice says the person who is calling. How do i deactivate this ?

  2. Walker 27-02-10@23:20

    The Say Caller’s Name feature can be turned on and off in the active profile:

    Menu key > Settings > Personal > Profiles > click on your active profile and locate the said option.

  3. Command 22-05-10@20:16

    I would also want to say that, in sticky situations (such as driving) it might be hard to slide and Answer the call, Thus, its best to just press the Green Answer call button and get on with the call.


  4. bangcik 24-08-10@02:18

    how to slide answer software??

  5. KAREEM 30-09-10@04:02

    i am not able to make silence when a call come in “lock” mode, while my friend’s mobile is showing “silence” and “answer” button’ when a call come . How can i also activate the same? i want to be activate the button in :UNLOCK” mode itself, not after changing the mode to “unlock” mode.

  6. pankaj 04-11-12@03:25

    what settings should i do for answer slide gets on , and when i pick up call using slide on screen of nokia 5800 xpress music

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