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How To Activate Nokia 5800 Sensor To Silence Call And Snooze Alarm

If your Nokia 5800 can display in landscape mode as you rotate the music smartphone, very likely you can silence call and snooze alarm clock by turning the phone too.

Having said that, when the touchscreen is facing upward, turn the phone so that touchscreen faces downward will activate the accelerometer sensor to mute calling ringtone or snooze the ringing alarm clock.

Turn on the Nokia 5800 Accelerometer SensorEnable Nokia 5800 Accelerometer Sensor to silence call, snooze alarm and auto-rotate screen display.

Enable Nokia 5800 accelerometer sensor to silence call and snooze alarm

1) Click the middle button that lit on by white color LED to bring up Menu screen.

2) Click the Settings icon

3) Click the Phone icon

4) Click the Sensor Settings icon

5) Set the “sensors” to ON to effectively enable all kind of sensors of Nokia 5800 (accelerometer sensor, proximity sensor, etc).

6) Click the Turning Control option

7) Enable the Nokia 5800 accelerometer sensor to silence incoming call ringtone, snooze ringing alarm clock as well as auto rotates display (from vertical to landscape mode or vice-versa).

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