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Fix Nokia 5800 v40 Touchscreen Issue

Here are two potential fixes to resolve Nokia 5800 touchscreen problem. I have to repeat again, that these fixes do not guarantee fit your case, especially if the touchscreen is broken or faulty.

Touchscreen calibration: When the touchscreen is not response exactly on the point of touch or tap by finger or stylus, then this is likely a touchscreen calibration issue.

If not mistaken, the Nokia 5800 technical specs states that this smartphone is using the resistive touchscreen type. Over the time, the resistive touchscreen might not response correctly to the point of touch or tap. To fix this software issue, you need to perform an easy tweak called touchscreen calibration.

To calibrate Nokia 5800 touchscreen: Click the menu key > Settings > Phone > Touch Input > Touch screen calibration. There you are prompted to tap centre of target with stylus, where the 4 circles (target) at the corner animates one by one to guide user complete the touch screen calibration process.

Potential v40.0.005 firmware bug: I am not sure this “bug” or scenario happened in earlier Nokia device software version.

During the first encounter, I thought the touchscreen hang. At second glance, however, I realized the touchscreen locked but the display light lit on as if it was unlock and active for input:

Nokia 5800 touch screen problem that is likely the latest v40 firmware bug.
There is an icon of key appears next to the time display, indicates the touchscreen and keys are locked.

This is different experience to me. As to what I recall, the Nokia 5800 touchscreen backlight is dim and a message alerts user to use keyguard switch, when tapping the locked touchscreen.

How to fix this? Well, you can only pay attention to the little key appears on screen – if this icon appears on the top end of display, then just use the keyguard switch to unlock the touchscreen before continue touching or tapping the locked touchscreen.

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  1. rapnex 11-04-10@18:13

    thanks… it helps a lot :-)

  2. Clau 08-07-10@01:27

    i’m having a problem with my 5800 xm. as i seen you said something about auto locking on the v40… software. i’m not using that software but my button that;s used for unlock / lock touchscreen is broken and i cant use it…do you know any way i could unlock the touchscreen of the phone from pc since the button is broken? sorry if i posted in the wrong area…waiting for your answer..

  3. Walker 08-07-10@11:07

    @Clau, I can’t help. Sorry for that.
    I guess you should send it for repair.

  4. Clau 08-07-10@18:02

    ok…thanks for your answer…i hoped for a middle way but it seems there isn’t any xD

  5. baki 07-08-10@15:47

    my ‘answer call’ and ‘end call’ button on touchscreen are not working. while receiving call or ending it i have to use blue and red button. how to activate tose button on touchscreen?

  6. sheila 26-09-10@08:40

    Could you tell me how fix “MT 7000” electronic dictionary touch screen problem? thank you!


  7. Neumann 09-10-10@16:24

    my Nokia 5800 touch screen is not responsive when i tap it wit the stylus or any other things. Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem?

  8. Saurabh 10-12-10@17:58

    my nokia 5800 is having a problem that when i touch or tap an item, it responds to an item on the right of it. Even touch screen calibration does not help, it gets corrected for few hours but then again return to the same problem. Further now the problem has become so persistent that it has now become virtually impossible even to calibrate the screen. when i approached service center they just upgraded the version but this didn’t permanently solve the problem and now they are demanding Rs 3000 for further treatment. Thanx in advance….

  9. Prateek 22-12-10@01:22

    Hi Saurabh.
    I’m having the same problem. Earlier I was having distorted display problem, so I updated my firmware to v51, but now this touchscreen problem is coming. If u find a solution, pls share.

  10. Walker 22-12-10@23:35

    The calibration is more on software level.

    If calibration doesn’t work, then the problem is likely caused by touchscreen (the hardware) itself (as noted at top of this post). For faulty hardware, nothing can be done except replace the faulty part physically (Nokia certified service center is best bet).

    Hopes that help.

  11. Gio Federico Baglioni 06-01-11@21:00

    I have problem on touch screen of my Nokia 5800. Some day work, some day no. So i think isn’t hw broken. I have open the phone and i have see that without the original cover (both, front and rear) the touch screen work better. But when i close the touch screen stop to work (i can touch only the first icon on top of screen. Do you now what i can do for solve this problem? I have think maybe the problem is for umidity or other similar problems ….

  12. sonia 02-04-11@03:12

    hello plzzz help!my 5800 is giving problem wit d touchscreen when i tap d screen at numbr ‘4 ghi’ while messaging ,it always giv ‘4’ on screen even if i tap it once for ‘g’.meanz it goes on being pressed til it givs ‘4’. This problem goes off n on!

  13. Walker 02-04-11@12:07

    Tap and hold the # key to toggle between alphabet and numeric input.

  14. micail 23-04-11@18:02

    hi, im frm the philippines. Im having trouble wd my 5800 distorted screen and when night falls the screen begins to distort, i can only do is to lock and unlock the phone and the screen is normal but when in its standby mode and the lights off its distort again. Whats the best way to fix it? Ive already updated the firmware from v20 to v31, but the problem persist. Help pls i love this phone. Too bad this region doesnt have v50 to upgrade it. Salamat!

  15. ailee 26-09-12@17:39

    how can i fix my phone the screen doesn’t work? i could not calibrate it for it does not function.

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