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How To Recover Or Undelete Exchange Email From Outlook?

How to recover shift-deleted emails of MS Exchange Server from Microsoft Outlook 2007, if the deleted emails cannot be found in Deleted Items? As you may know, the SHIFT-DELETE is a Windows hotkey to bypass Recycle Bin.

In Microsoft Outlook 2007 (or earlier version), press SHIFT-DELETE hotkey instead of just hitting DELETE key on the selected emails is effectively remove those emails from the folder (Inbox, Sent Items, etc) without keeping a copy of the messages in Deleted Items.

Having said that, you cannot recover or undelete the emails from Microsoft Outlook Deleted Items folder :-(

If the emails are hosted by Microsoft Exchange server, however, you may have a chance to undelete the deleted emails easily. You can recover the deleted emails yourself without asking help from Exchange Server administrator to restore a copy from the system backup tape.

Using Outlook 2007 to recover or undelete emails of Exchange Server

How to use MS Outlook 2007 to recover or undelete emails of Exchange server.

1) Click to select the folder, of which you deleted the emails

2) Click Tools menu and select “Recover Deleted Items”

If you select the Inbox folder and click the “Recover Deleted Items”, then you only can see a list of recoverable emails that previously kept in the Inbox before they were deleted.

Easily recover SHIFT-DEL Exchange Server emails from Microsoft Outlook 2007

In the Recover Deleted Item dialog box, select whichever emails you would like to undelete and click the Recover button.

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