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The Nokia 5800 v40 Full-screen QWERTY Input Is Missing?

How to enable full screen qwerty keyboard after upgrade Nokia 5800 firmware to v40.0.005?After upgrade Nokia 5800 firmware to v40.0.005, the full screen QWERTY keyboard is missing from the input method shortcut (as shown in the screenshot).

But, you can easily turn on or enable the full screen QWERTY at wish:

1) Click the input method icon and select “Alphanumeric keypad”,

2) Rotate the touchscreen to landscape mode (horizontal mode, if you want to call that).

Voila, there is the full-size QWERTY keyboard appears automatically :-)

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  1. Shrey 29-01-10@14:58

    you just saved me from the misery of typing in that stupid mini-qwerty. Thank god for full screen qwerty! Hallelujah!

  2. M.C 110 03-02-10@22:25

    Thanx * Thanx * Thanx

  3. rahul 06-02-10@02:31

    yanx dude for tis cool advise
    i was so worried after i saw that
    the full screen Qwerty was misssing …….

  4. Gourav 09-02-10@02:01

    Oh great.. i thought its a bug .. but its a feature..:)

  5. JustSomeone 21-02-10@06:27

    Nice mate, thanks a lot :)

  6. Mama Samaki 22-03-10@21:07

    Brilliant, thanks!

  7. Mithun 27-04-10@10:21

    Phew! I was so worried…Thanx!!

  8. Thanks from Sweden 04-05-10@00:12

    Thanks alot! haha, i got really mad.. Started to call the support and such. But google and you saved my day! :D Thanks for the advice

  9. bart 11-05-10@04:58

    oohh.. man thanx i tought i was doing something rong but you save my day

  10. sharma L.N 13-05-10@17:16

    A millinon of thanx,,,,,,,,,,
    i got fully shock after missing of full keyboard,,,& thinking why i had done the update……………..

    after all its a g8….

  11. Leo 18-05-10@20:02

    Just wanted to say thanks man.

  12. Your ace dude 24-05-10@00:55

    You the man… was about to scream at Nokia down the phone for taking it away

  13. narasimha rao 25-05-10@21:20

    thans a lot lot. my worry has gone . once again thanks.

  14. Angel 05-06-10@14:12

    Haha… thanks, thanks, thanks……

  15. Dan 08-06-10@23:56

    Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!

    That min-QWERTY thing was breaking my heart.

  16. Dan 08-06-10@23:57

    Ha ha! I’ve just read the other comments…It’s nice to know I wasn’t alone!

  17. bill berry 23-06-10@17:17

    why would they possible think that removing it was a good idea

  18. k 24-06-10@06:08

    man, i have been cursing the mini-qwerty for the last couple months, thanks!

    would have been great if there was a more obvious announcement of this change!

  19. mike 28-06-10@18:22

    nice one!!

  20. Hugo 29-06-10@17:37

    I’m rather surprised that so many people weren’t expecting this change. This is a terrific new feature that most of us have been crying out for since the 5800 was first released and have been checking for after every software update. From the beginning, alphanumeric input was best for portrait mode and full screen QWERTY input was best for landscape mode; yet to switch between the two you had to manually change modes rather than just rotating the phone as one would expect. Finally, the phone behaves intuitively. THANK YOU Nokia.

  21. Andy 02-07-10@15:13

    Thank you very much for the help, I almost popped a gasket when I saw that the Full Qwerty was gone – my eyesight is bad as it is! Cheers.

  22. Sam Bulakh 03-09-10@15:32

    Thanks buddy!! I was frustrated like hell when I upgraded.

  23. Rick 09-09-10@20:52

    Thank you man! I was desperate trying to find that full screen qwerty

  24. tommy 23-09-10@00:28

    THANKS !

  25. sarang 25-09-10@02:20

    thanks buddy.. that was a really cool advice.

    I was really pissed off with mini key board…..

  26. diego anton charles 08-10-10@16:21

    thanks dude….u r brilliant….

  27. Bill Turk 03-11-10@05:42

    I concur with all the comments that have gone before. I don’t think I would have survived typing on that stupid mini qwerty keyboard. Thank you

  28. Monir 16-11-10@12:22

    ty so much bro, u rock

  29. sandy 10-12-10@22:43

    Thanks dude it’s amazing
    wonderful feature…………..

  30. Manjunath S N 01-03-11@16:52

    loads of thanx…
    i was cursing my self for upgrading the software… but, u r advise saved a hell of anguish…………..

    thanks mate………..

  31. bips 13-03-11@10:59


    And i was thinking that the full screen querty keypad has been removed…

  32. wass 15-05-11@21:14

    hey, do any one knows how to get the the full screen QWERTY however I rotate my phone ! because Alphanumeric keypad sucks !!..
    I found out that if I switched the sensor ” Off ” it would stuck on the full screen QWERTY , but I want the sensor ” On ” and the full screen QWERTY always.
    Just like the old Version

    any Ideas?

  33. prashant 10-05-12@01:04

    Thanks a lot.

  34. nirsha 27-12-14@00:17

    in my nokia 5800, i have to disable auto rotate then i can see full qwerty keypad option .. but not when i activate auto rotate .. why it is so ??

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