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Nokia 5800 v40 Bugs And Problems

The latest Nokia 5800 v40.0.005 is a major firmware release that supposes to fix bugs and performance blemish found in the earlier Nokia device software. However, one hole covered another hole is surfaced.

It is not the perfect firmware update. Quite a number of bugs have been reported by users, as those seen in the official Nokia forum and elsewhere in the Net, since it was released in mid of Jan.

Some of the notable Nokia 5800 v40 bugs and problems that bugging me:

1) The backlight is not turned off while charging the battery. In some occasions, I also notice that the backlight did not go off as there were some open windows or applications.

Unless with a good reason, the backlight should not be lit on continuously over a long duration, as this could easily reduce the battery standby time as well as the touchscreen lifetime.

In addition, the charging time could be longer than suppose as the backlight is lit on continuously.

So now I have to remember to manually turn it off (if it is on):
  • Unlock the touchscreen,
  • Slide the lock switch on the right side of phone until the touchscreen blackout,
  • Wait for the phone auto-lock to triggered again (if you have this feature turned on) to make sure the touchscreen is off now

2) Not intuitive interface used to stop / snooze alarm clock and answer / silent the call.

Why need to slide when it is more convenient by simply tapping on the touchscreen. Well, some said this is to prevent accidentally tapping on the touchscreen shortcuts and then activate the function unexpectedly.

Well, personally, slide or swipe from left to right and vice-versa is not really convenient for those who use single hand to deal with the touchscreen phone interface at most of time.

3) The RDS feature in Radio program is not working consistently. Without the Radio Data System (RDS) working properly means cannot display the station name and not able to switch to alternative frequencies (AF) if a stronger signal for the station is available…

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  1. Shan 23-02-10@08:06

    And also I cannot make customized profiles, I can only use the predefined profiles.

    Sometimes the touchscreen deactivates for no reason. Again I have to lock the keypad and unlock it to get it back to work.

  2. Andy Smith 21-04-10@23:22

    The message was sent via Contact form and reposted by admin as comment (with mirror mods).

    Good day, I was reading the bugs that you have found on your Nokia 5800. They all seem relatively minor to the two bugs which I have found:

    1) If you set up for voice dialling and a call comes in just as you have finished saying the name of the person you want to call you can no longer do voice dialling and you can no longer switch off your phone! A reset is required.

    2) By default once you have made a phone call you can touch the screen to switch the loudspeaker on. However, if you attach a Bluetooth headpiece the loudspeaker icon changes to the Bluetooth headset. This gave to Bluetooth headset and the loudspeaker icon does not return! Even if I unpaird the device I could not get the loudspeaker icon to return. Hard reset required!

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