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Nokia 5800 v40 Changelog and Features

The latest Nokia 5800 device software (firmware) version is v40.0.005, which has been available since mid of Jan 2010. This major firmware update is said to fix (some) bugs and performance warts known in the earlier Nokia device software made for Nokia 5800.

Besides, the latest firmware also introduces some new touchscreen interface features to keep the “touch touch baby” fans happy. Most of these new features are already seen in other Nokia touchscreen-based smartphones that released after Nokia 5800.

For those who are using old firmware version should consider this is the time to upgrade to v40. As with most other modern Nokia smartphones, you can easily upgrade Nokia 5800 firmware in no time via the OTA feature (Over-the-air firmware upgrade). Indeed, the OTA firmware upgrade is much faster (with smaller firmware download size) than using the Nokia Software Updater program running on Windows computer.

Some of the notable points of Nokia 5800 v40 changelog and new features:

Kinetic scrolling presents better touchscreen-based scrolling the list of items. In the Contact, for example, you can ignore the vertical scroll bar on the right side. With kinetic scrolling, one cans tap-and-slide the Contact list, as if the vertical scroll bar is anywhere, effective on the touch-and-slide motion trigger point.

Enhanced Contact bar at Home screen works like Nokia 5530, allows one to store up to 20 contacts using thumbnail icon as a shortcut to
  • access the message and call history,
  • make call or create text/audio message,
  • view or update the contact details, including the caller’s thumbnail,
  • follow the contact’s social networking via web feeds.

New home screen introduced in Nokia 5800 v40 firmware.

Enhanced home screen is capable to display both contact bar and application shortcuts, as well as the mini music player interface if you want it to playback music at “background” (as shown in my screenshot above).

Auto switch to full-size QWERTY input. Regardless user’s preset input style, the full QWERTY input appears as soon as the Nokia 5800 touchscreen rotated to landscape mode. Personally, I kinda like this arrangement, since the full QWERTY keyboard is only good to be used in the wide landscape mode. Instead of manually changing the current alphanumeric keypad, I can instantly access a better input mode by turning the phone :-)

Slide to stop/snooze alarm or answer/silent the call. Frankly speaking, I like the animation but not the way to handle it. I prefer activate the function by simply tapping on it rather than sliding. Agree or not, when using the phone with single hand, it is easier to slide from top to bottom than from side to side (left to right and vice versa). Maybe the Nokia engineers only tested this interface with both hands without much consideration on using one hand to deal with it.

Nokia Ovi Contacts version 1.20.9 is the new bundled application of the firmware, as a new instant messaging tool in the IM market.

SW Update to replace Update Application, allows users to easily upgrade installed applications.

Latest RealPlayer for S60v5, released on 12th of October, 2009.

Other features, as noted from Nokia website, include improved touch screen usability and improvements to WLAN performance.

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