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Nokia 5800 v40 Alarm Clock Problem Solved!

Do you know how to stop the Nokia 5800 v40 alarm clock after upgrade to the latest v40.0.005 firmware? Frankly speaking, I am not as smart as Nokia engineers. I certainly know how to stop it if I have tried the Nokia 5530 :-(

Yes, the new alarm clock interface looks nice. But I didn’t realize the new interface until opened my eye and shouted WTF, why the alarm clock can’t be stopped?

The trick to really stop the Nokia 5800 v40 alarm clock.

I saw the STOP and SNOOZE bars animated. My first impression was, “Wow, the animation looks cool”. Then, I repeatedly tap the STOP bar but it didn’t shut up as expected :-(

The cancel call key (one of the only 3 buttons that lit in red color) does stop the Nokia 5800 v40 alarm clock, only temporarily. Strictly speaking, this is a snooze function.

In order to really stop the Nokia 5800 v40 alarm clock, not to snooze, you have to scroll the STOP bar from left to right, as hinted by the animation (where the red color arrow bar moving from left to right).

Note, this new alarm clock interface only available in the latest device software update and is only seen when the Nokia 5800 screen is locked. While the screen is active, only the static interface is shown and you can stop or snooze it by just tapping the STOP or SNOOZE icon.

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  1. Anon 01-02-10@16:20

    Thanks. Couldn’t figure it out myself. Now, how to downgrade to v30? I really hate this unusable gesture shit. Good old old-fashioned buttons are much better, on a touchscreen as well.

  2. AV.Rishi 04-02-10@07:25

    thanks, thank you very much

  3. Ubuntu 09-02-10@16:59

    Thanks, logically designed!

  4. avi 12-04-10@19:46

    Thanks a lot, u save me some trouble

  5. martin 07-05-10@12:39

    thanks .at last!

  6. Boyce 23-06-10@17:05

    I was really struggling with this on my Nokia X6. Thanks v. much for the enlightenment!!!

  7. meix 06-07-10@23:00

    Thank you very much!!!

  8. david 20-07-10@17:50

    Thanks so much. I had been struggling with this problem for so many days. When alarm activates what I did was to switch off and then on the phone, since pressing the stop button does not work. It annoyed me a lot and decided not to buy a nokia phone … But finally found the trick…. Thanks again.

  9. sleepwalker 09-09-10@16:10

    thx a lot. solved the annoyance for me. This case is a great example of smartassness of sw engineers. They think they code up a cool feature, but they never test it on users. If they had given this alarmclock to wake up their family members first, they’d have learned that a stopping feature like that MUST BE EXPLAINED IN THE USERS MANUAL.

    I read the manual: 90% of it about Alarm Clock and Calendar are trivialities. But this top annoyance issue (you want to wake up yourself, but do NOT want to wake up the rest of your family in the house) is left as an exercise to be quickly solved by a sleepy phoneowner “in the battlefield”.

  10. Ahsan 16-10-10@13:30

    I really cant believe u guys had a problem with this…
    Its SIMPLE!!!!

  11. Ashin 23-10-10@13:51

    Thanks a lot.. i thought a new problem has come up.. i think they have made it like iphone ..

  12. Tatiana 31-10-10@18:39

    Thanks so much !!!!! For months I’ve been turning off the alarm completely in the functions since I didn’t know how to stop it :D

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