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How To Stop The Nokia 5800 v40 Alarm Clock?

The new alarm clock interface introduced in Nokia 5800 v40 firmware looks nice but not really intuitive to some of you, including myself, especially when you woke up by the familiar alarm tone for the first time after upgrading the Nokia device software version to v40.0.005.

Unless for those who have tried or read the feature of Nokia 5530 or similar Nokia touchscreen-based smartphone, it is not easy for one to understand the hint of the STOP alarm bar animation.

I totally thought that is just cool animation until I Google and read the Nokia forum for guide about how to stop my Nokia 5800 alarm clock after upgrading to v40 firmware.

To stop the Nokia 5800 v40 alarm clock when the screen is locked, you need to slide the STOP bar, shown on the touchscreen, from left to right; to snooze the alarm clock, slide the SNOOZE bar from right to left instead.

This new style of Nokia touchscreen interface is also applied to answer call or silent the calling tone (by sliding the unlock bar).

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  1. joan 15-02-10@14:51

    gestures are good… but here’s something better:

    once your alarm goes off (whether it be the calendar or the clock), you can just “flip” your phone so that it faces down and it will automatically snooze (depending on your snooze settings). if it goes off again, flip it right side up and flip it down again…

    VERY USEFUL FEATURE because you no longer have to click any buttons!!!

    activate it now:
    1. settings–>phone–>sensor settings–>turning control
    2. just “x” check everything

  2. Walker 15-02-10@20:14
  3. yuhas 18-03-10@13:32

    Ok. Now, how do I revert back to the good’ol buttons? I want buttons. I don’t want sliders…

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